Jan. 26th, 2014

mrlich: Photo with great thanks to Joe del Tufo - http://www.deltufophotography.com (Derrr)
So I'm a big fan of Project:Rooftop. For those unfamiliar, it's a collective of artists, comic nerds, and art lovers who redesign the costumes of comic book characters. Sometimes current popular characters, sometimes old characters that have fallen into the public domain.

Anyway, it's their anniversary, and they referenced the LJ post that kinda started it all. It was a simple idea: Draw Batgirl. As things sometimes do on the intarwebs, it went viral and the response was seriously impressive.

So I started going through a bunch of those original responses. The thing that it impressed upon me? Just how many folks have left LJ behind. I had seen it in my own friends, but it's always possible that I just have a group of friends who tend to stay out a bit further on the frontier of the net (I do), so I was never really certain that it was an LJ wide thing.

Until now.

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