Mar. 16th, 2014

mrlich: (fantasy artist)
I've been thinking that I'm too scattered. Too quick to jump from idea to idea and plan to plan.

So next I thought: How do I stabilize myself? Especially given how I live my life / my job, this seems like it might be a bit tricky.

The solution, I think, might be to keep a log. Something that is ongoing and focuses on several 'silos' or columns of important concepts in my life. That way I can work on keeping steady forward progress towards clear goals in each silo.

As an example, one might be:

Goal: Lose ten pounds.
Update: Yesterday I blah blah blahed and ate fairly healthy with the exception of... Also did 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Currently, I'm thinking the silos should be:
1. Fitness / Health
2. Art / Culture
3. Adventure
4. Social / Dating
5. Finance / Business / Work

Still working on what they should be though. I want general areas, so that they encompass more than just one element of my life, while still catching all major components. The idea is to make these posts simple conceptually so that if I want to keep it quick (while still keeping it structured) that's easy, but it also has the flexibility to be as complicated or 'deep' as I'm feeling that day (while still maintaining that structure).

So what do you think? What should my silos be?

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