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 So I'm sitting in a Starfucks. Had the day off because of heavy cloud cover (I wouldn't have been able to work at highway speeds). Looking out the big bay windows and I spot a biker standing in front of the grocery store across the parking lot. He's clearly bought his dinner at the grocery store and is eating it while hovering over his scooter.

It's a very solitary thing, and I can feel it in my bones.

He's watching others who come and go (they're all ignoring him completely).  It may seem cliche, but there's something about the scene that makes me think of a wolf standing over its kill. He's just going about his business. The rest of the world is irrelevant.

As much as I bitch about being lonely these days, I miss that particular kind of loneliness. Maybe it's just the motorcycle. It's probably just the motorcycle. But I always enjoyed that sensation when riding. This is the the pause to fuel me. I fueled the bike already, but before I head towards The Next Place, I need to eat.

I remember laughing at people on the inside. They're all drones. They won't be getting on a motorcycle in the next few minutes and riding. Poor bastards.

It may seem funny coming from me - doing what I do - but I miss that particular kind of freedom.
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This almost slipped past me, so I'm trying like hell to get the word out everywhere I can (sorry if you've seen this from me elsewhere).

SUNDAY, NOV. 4, 2012
Meet at 9:00 a.m. 
Parade starts at 12:00 noon
Please join us to escort Santa Claus & Grand 
Marshall’s Seamus McCaffery & Pierre Robert on 
America’s Largest Rolling Toy Run to McFadden's 461 
North 3rd. (Toy Drop and Festival). Each participant is 
asked to bring a NEW TOY
(NO stuffed animals for health reasons).
No Santa suits please.
For Information go to:
A.B.A.T.E. Of Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Chapter 63
Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education
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The weekend thus far (rather than the weekend in review- for a change):

Immediately following work, I rode to drop off a movie and pick up (rent) the DVD collection of Brisco County Jr.. I remember it being a fun series and Bruce Campbell s kinda a personal hero. What's more, it makes better sense than full blown movies for 'workout entertainment' as they're only one hour shows each episode, so I'm not working out for a half hour or an hour and then sitting for another hour to an hour and a half.

After picking up Bruce's misadventures, I headed back to the house where I met up with [profile] lotusanddragon  . We headed over to [personal profile] shellefly  's place to pick her up and than to Philly to assist in the celebrating of [personal profile] jeremym  's birthday at North Bowl. The place rocks - there's just no two ways about it. Great music, the drinks flow, and the lanes are clean and well maintained. That's one hell of a combination.

After bowling, the rest of the gang which included [personal profile] ms_violet  , [personal profile] boutell  , and many more (whose lj names I can't recall because I suck) headed somewhere for a drink, but [profile] lotusanddragon   and I headed back to the house since he still had to pack for his trip to Japan. We did that (I kept him company while he did it really) and got a chance for the first time in a long time to just shoot the shit. It was a grand time. We even had a mini-adventure taking a quick trip to his office for some forgotten info while K-T (who doesn't have LJ) read some of the end of the last Harry Potter book to us via my cell phone's speakerphone function. Then a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, a moment where I broke his world a little by introducing him to the 'omg shoes' video, some chill time up on the deck, and the limo service was there to take him to the airport. It really kinda felt like the perfect way to send my bro off to another country. I sacked out afterward to some long overdue sleep.

Saturday morning I woke late (figured I earned it) and headed to [profile] jafosmite  's concert with X-Fusion at the 100th Annual Arden Fair. I took the Yamaha, and it was a damn good thing - the place was mobbed. I managed to find a completely illegal convenient parking space, locked up the scoot, and headed straight for where I hear the boys getting ready. The show rocked hard, though there's little surprise there. It was fun watching an all new batch of folks rockin out to X-Fusion's music. I was a little disappointed by the fact that the fair closed supah early, so I only had time to do a quick 'fly through' after the show, but I'm betting that's a good thing in the long run as I need to keep all the cash I can these days.

After the fair, I headed to good ol' Barnes and Noble for some time to do some writing, screw around, and browse the newest batch of 'how to draw' books and magazines. This is something that I haven't done in a while, and I missed it. It's something that I enjoy both with friends or alone. When I'm by myself, it's almost like meditation. I can people watch, get my thoughts in order, and often be inspired. I was impressed by my ability to not buy any of the new art books/magazines. Almost, but I managed to put them back. Really, it's not like I would use them - not in any real way. Most art books are great, but they wind up being more or less inspiration sources and that's about it. While I was sitting and parusing my latest batch of books and magazines, I got a phone call from [personal profile] xtingu  . Being a spaz, I went instantly into high alert mode - she was supposed to be out on the playa, and that would mean without cell phone reception of any kind at all. She assured me that nothing was wrong but that she 'just wasn't feeling it' this year and that she was homeward bound and would keep me posted on her travel plans. She said she missed me. I'm a lucky bastard like that. I stayed at B&N pretty late and went home. Once back at the house, I started working on one of the images that I got stuck in my head while at the bookstore and when I realized that it was almost 2am I hit the sack - I had a big day coming up.

Woke up fairly early, but not early enough. I had planned to ride with [profile] burningkirby  , Lee (sans lj), and Ballz (also sans lj). However, as I am the planning master, I didn't have any of their phone numbers and I was having net connectivity issues (I had Ballz's street address in my email account). I did finally get connected, but the whole process delayed me enough that I got to Ballz's place about 15 minutes later than planned and I hate being the limiting factor. We made our way via back roads to [profile] burningkirby  's compound where we gathered up [profile] burningkirby   and Lee and after some very minor repairs to [profile] burningkirby  's bike, we headed out. It was the perfect morning for a ride. Cool but not cold. Bright and sunny and just... frickin... gorgeous. miles melted past under our wheels as we rolled west into PA. If I can convince Ballz to send me a copy of our route, maybe I'll post it later. What a great run. I broke the 600 mile mark since buying the Yamaha with ease.

After our ride we stopped back at [profile] burningkirby  's place and had some snackages. Then off to Lee's and then I headed back to B&N. Yes, back to B&N. I've decided that I'm a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it until I find the next thing that I like. While there I got some more stuff done both in the writing and the creativity departments.

While I was at B&N, [personal profile] xtingu   called to let me know that she had landed and asked if I could meet her at her apartment. I said sure, packed up my gear, and headed over. We arrived at almost identical times, and commenced a good old fashioned 're-connect' kind of night. We were visited albeit briefly by [profile] theseitz   who showed us his supah sexy new iPhone. We sacked out shortly thereafter.

We woke up a bit late and had some more really amazing reconnect time. It had been a while since [personal profile] xtingu   and I had the chance to talk more than "Hi - how's the weather?" Okay - I'm exagerating, but you get the point. We'd let our 'life stuff' kinda keep us so focussed that we hadn't spent much time just talking. We'd both missed it terribly and this time (Sunday night and Monday morning) really scratched that itch.

Next, we hopped on the bike and headed up to [personal profile] swingchickie  's place for the afternoon and got some more hang time with the good peeps. [personal profile] swingchickie   and Jack, [personal profile] jeremym   (and the always awesome JD), [personal profile] boutell   and Jenny, [profile] opadit   and Steve, [personal profile] ms_violet   and Vince, and of course [personal profile] xtingu   and myself. Jack manned the grill and [personal profile] xtingu   brought some corn salsa that was muy muy yummy.

Then, of course, there were donuts.

Now, [personal profile] xtingu   and I have come back to her place, she's on the phone with her folks and I'm wrapping up what was started as a "weekend up to this post" but has become a "weekend in review".

Hope you had a weekend as awesome as mine!
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Just for fun, I did some sketching in OC tonight. I have the event file if any of you have OC and would like to see the image unfold.

Might potentially be NSFW - though there's no nudity (only a rude gesture):
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... and Philly's Finest just rescued a woman who fell off the dock at Penn's Landing.

Correction: read "fell in" as "attempted suicide". At a charity run. Tact meeter anyone? (According to PPD.)
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Holeeee crap am I sorry that I missed the Rally for the Amish on Sunday. I felt real ragged when I woke, and I made a command decision to bail on it. I need to take care of myself before I can help take care of others.

That said, apparently the bros really kicked ass - as described here.

Wish like hell that I had been there - just to see that kind of turn out if nothing else. That's okay though, because I'm already reaaally looking forward to the Toys for Tots ride. I hear that the Philly version of the run is one of (if not the biggest) in the country. Yeah - I want to see that for certain.
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We woke up late and had – you guessed it – a huge breakfast including blueberry & banana pancakes, fruit, and eggs.

Took our time getting packed, and finally left around 3pm. We rode for roughly one hour through Atlanta traffic (thank G-d for the HOV lane!) we stopped on the far side of Atlanta for a refuel and Mark realized that he had forgotten his drivers’ license back @ Mom and Dad’s. So, we hold up in a Wendy’s that was adjacent to the gas station we stopped @ and waited for Momma Edmundson, who had volunteered to drive the license out to us. Did I mention yet how much she rocks?!

It had started raining pretty fiercely while we were waiting for Momma, but it had cleared up by the time she arrived @Wendy’s. We said a second goodbye and were on our way again.

We continued our ride realatively uneventfully until we stopped at a motel in Mobile Alabama.

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