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While it strikes me that we may be over saturating a market, there's now an Ignite Newark.

Next month? Ignite [ profile] mrlich 's Apartment!

In truth, I think that an Ignite in Newark has some potential. Having its home in a college town seems like it would be a great way to get some fresh new blood into the mix.

Unfortunately, Ignite Newark number 2 is going to be tonight which means I'll miss out on both of the first two. (I didn't know about number 1.)

On the plus side, the reason why I'm going to miss it is the fact that I'm hoping to make two other very excellent events:
  • The CTC Guest Bartender Night at Union City Grille. I'm a fan of CTC, and if I can help them out by consuming a few adult beverages? Sounds like a win to me.
  • Then, I'll probably head out from that a little early so I can catch Better Than Bacon Comedy Improv at the Kennett Flash.
It may be a slightly dumbicious plan, but also? An awesome Thursday night. Come on out if you're in the area - for one or both!

Also? GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post) - because I finally figured out what was wrong when I tried to upload an animated GIF as an LJ icon.

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