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Instagram: A zillion trillion heartfelt thanks to ALL of the Delmarva Folk Festival folks: Lonnie, @jancolors, John Kidd, @cooldogde, @ladykeyofred, and other wonderfully awesome people we don't know how to tag for having us at the #DelmarvaFolkFestival ! Thank you for letting us bring our music (and dorkiness) to this fun, inviting, friendly, inclusive, supportive, kind, happy, huggy crowd. The festival really is something special-- from the the gorgeous woodsy grounds, the great sound (thank you Paul, as always!), the warm hospitality (homemade soups and freshly-baked bread backstage?! AMAZING!), the crowd who opened their ears and laughed with us and opened their hearts for our sincere tunes, too. All of this happened on a perfect weekend weatherwise, too! In a world with bad crap happening, this was the oasis we needed. Thank you, thank you-- a zillion times thank you. We are one lucky duo. πŸ’—βœŠπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽΈπŸ’— #thankyou #folkmusic #folk #dorkrock #hotbreakfast #gratitide #delaware #maryland #virginia #delmarva #music #acoustic #cooldog #community #hbfb #dw
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Sep. 15th, 2017 06:43 pm

1100 – The Book of Faces

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1100 - The Book of Faces

I recently completed another revolution around the sun. The outpouring of well-wishers on Ye Olde Facebook was staggering and quite humbling, so I decided to show some appreciation via another 1100 strip.

It really can’t encapsulate the good fortune I feel for having so a breadth and depth of quality people in my life, but it does hint at it.

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Meet Sid, the Good Luck Crab. He was hangin' backstage with us. #Lizzie #CTCLizzie #ctc24 #dw


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