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Heya gang. I just wanted to take a minute to invite everyone to go check out Adam P. Knave's blog. There's an LJ feed for it here, though it originates at his site. He accepts and responds to comments in both locations - whatever you're more comfortable with.

Why? Because he's effin' funny.

Today he's reimagined the world of Voltron. He has a thing for the 80's, and regularly looks at the cartoons and pop culture of the era in a way that is... well... to me it's better than the original. Makes for one hell of an entertaining ride.

Anyway - go check him out, and you can thank me later. :)
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*Edit: I started this last night, and had to finish this morning.*

I had a minor epiphany in the shower tonight. I have this tendancy of thinking of a million one things that I wish I'd accomplished during the day. Tonight I thought: "Why not write them down before bed so you don't forget about them tomorrow until it's too late?"

For tonight, my thoughts turned to artwork. I have a ton of pokers in the proverbial fire - all of which seem stalled outside of my control (though I know that I could push some of them forward a bit).

Here's the abrieviated list:

1. Children's book - for the bank.
2. Children's book - with an old colleague.
3. Art for a flash based game for a popular social networking site (more when the details are hammered out).
4. More 1100 strips (I have a ton of ideas to add to the small collection there.)
5. Another comic idea that's still in the planning stages with another old colleague.

I really need to start pushing some of these forward - otherwise they're likely to all come to a head at the same time. Then everyone will be upset as I scramble to get everything done in less time than any one of them deserves. (Not to mention the burn out I would likely feel in a short span of time.)
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I think that we all want to be the power behind heroes. We want to be the source of goodness that fuels them. It's the reason that scenes like the end of this one are so damn powerful. (Sorry for the crappy re-score - it was the only version I found with the ending in relative tact.)

And to that end I present this. Wonderful work by Chris Appelhans. Thanks to Drawn for bringing it to my attention!
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Holee crap! So the answer to 'where does antimatter come from' has been found. What's more, they know that when matter meets antimatter, the resulting destruction gives off gamma rays. There's a whole lot of antimatter out there meeting up with matter all the time.

We soak up enough of these gamma rays, and we're all sure to get big and turn green!

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I need to write and draw more. Like a lot more.

Of course these days it really is starting to feel like I need more hours in the day to do that. There are several of you who may be reading this that I owe artwork to. Please believe me when I say that I haven't forgotten you - there's just a lot on my plate. I'm working fast and furious to get it all out a.s.a.p.


Tonight was KT's unofficial send-off to Colorado. There were lots of good peeps at the Washington Ale House, and I didn't get to talk to them all because I sometimes just can't handle crowds. I came home a little bit early for some quality time with one of the best threesomes out there - my computer, the intarwebs, and myself.

In addition to some much needed 'down time' I got the chance to chat with [ profile] kar0na and it felt good to unwind and just BS while doing said unwinding.

It's already well past my bedtime. Tomorrow it's back to the drawing board, and when I'm done with the jobs I have lined up, I have an idea for another 1100 strip.

Stay tuned True Believers...
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Captain AmericaQuick Cap...

I did a 15 minute sketch of Captain America for the meme. I would have liked to spend more time on him, but since I put him off for so long already...

Maybe I'll clean him up later.
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Just was doing some web surfing... not that I would do that sort of thing at work or anything... but I came apon this:

Brat-Halla - it's a really fun online comic strip about the Norse mythos. I highly recommend it.

Here's a great example of the fun (and well thought out) humor typical of the web comic.
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The my more 'regular stuff'. Here's an image of the Column members. I think that this new wave of 'focus' is showing - even in this sort of thing. The characters feel a little more solid. I'm actually really psyched to keep working on this one, but I need to drop back to the portraits to get more work done on them. This might sound like complaining, but I should point out that I am loving the way things 'feel' since I've been doing these little experiments, so I'm in this to see it through.

I'll be doing more experiments thanks to the results I'm seeing from these.
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Heya kids.

The New York Comic Con is this coming weekend. Anyone I know going?

It's been many years since I've been to any con - and I've never been to one on that scale. Debating it. If you're going and I like you, that might tip the scales.
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Been watching a bunch of Youtube lately. Yeah - me - the smug guy who likes to yammer on about how he "doesn't watch tv".

Anyway, there's a lot of good "how I do these illustrations" stuff, and then there's the superhero stuff like this:

I'm planning on adding some of my own 'how I draw' stuff once I have a decent video capture package... I'll let everyone know here when I have some up.
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Supergirl!... or at least as done as she's getting. It's way too late for me to put more into this. I enjoyed the hell out of doing it though, and I think that I have made some forward progress. I have to say thanks here to [ profile] dryponder for coming up with yet another great art meme. I mean really - how many folks are out there creating art memes?

Well... okay, there are probably quite a few. Perhaps it would be better so say: "How many people are out there creating art meme's that I want to take part in?" So anyway - thanks to [ profile] dryponder for coming up with an art meme that was fun to do! See the list of other submissions here.

Oh, and for those of you who know her - no, the resemblance to my ex was entirely NOT intentional, though I think it works for what I was trying to do.
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The characters that I dreamt about last night could have been pulled straight from the pages of Frank Miller's Sin City.
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Nightcrawler - finished!Well kids, I finally finished up the Nightcrawler colors. Took a little longer than I would have liked for a piece of fan art, but yeah well. I'm more or less happy with the results. I went for more muted colors - which seem to be all the rave these days. It's a pleasing effect and adds to the 'believability' of the image (which is amusing when it's Kurt). Also went for a better spectrum of tone, and I think that I managed it moderately well. I'll be doing more in this style in the near future.

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