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Fate. Destiny. Karma. I'm not what you might call a believer, but I do sometimes marvel at the timing of things.

So I was all excited. My buddy Russ is in an a capella group in NYC and tonight is their first show. What's more, even though it has slipped my mind until it was almost too late, I remembered that there's a 'cheap bus to NYC' available from downtown Wilmington.

I jump on and sure enough - there are tickets available for a couple different times that would get me into the city in plenty of time to get to the venue with time to spare. Hell - I'd have enough time to grab a quick bite before the show. [ profile] lotusanddragon was headed up too, but he elected to head to Philly and catch the Megabus.

I ping my brother and his wife who are kind enough to offer to put me up for the night. I buy my ticket. I race through the work that I have to get done and then to the apartment to throw together an overnight bag. In the end, I get to the bus stop with about 15 minutes to spare.

And then I notice the sign in the window that is a notice from the City of Wilmington that the business is closed until it can pass inspection.


There are several of us who have purchased tickets online and we discuss it and decide that it might still show. After all - just becaus that location f the business is closed, there's no reason that the bus can't still do the route, and since you can purchase tickets online...

Yeah. Not so much. I spent a brisk hour waiting for a bus that never showed. What's more, that meant that I missed my window to get up to NYC by driving myself.


/end SoupNaziVoice

So I glumly get back to my car and head back to the apartment. I'm so annoyed with the way it panned out that I almost don't notice Peggy.

Peggy lives in one of the assisted living apartment buildings in my neighborhood. She'd been out grocery shopping and was walking home. Apparently she has some kind of ailment which causes shortness of breath and when she felt a bout coming on, she tried to hurry to a nearby bus stop bench to catch her breath. That's when she caught her foot on a manhole cover and went for a tumble.

When I noticed her, she was already on the ground, looking a little dazed, and her groceries were splayed about her. I pulled over, threw on the hazards, and went to see what I could do. A couple (who probably split the age between Peggy and myself - maybe in their late 50s) also showed up and helped me get her to the bus stop bench she had been headed for.

She was more or less alright save for a nasty scratch on her hand and some pain in her knees, so I helped her collect her groceries and walked her home. Nice lady that Peggy.

Sucks that I missed Russ' show, but I'm glad the timing worked out.
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So there's plenty of articles out there covering the topic, but I thought this one summarized it nicely right in the title.

They also quote a number of tweets and such that make fun of the subject. While I found most of them pretty entertaining, here's my two fave:

"People are making jokes like there's no tomorrow,"


"New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg - who is Jewish and therefore, according to Camping's prophecy, had always been unlikely to be beamed up to sit alongside Jesus and God in heaven - said on his weekly radio show Friday that he would suspend alternate-side parking in New York if the world ends on Saturday."
Dec. 20th, 2010 01:49 pm

Ummm.. Yes

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Think that I missed this when it came out, so I'm linking to it now. From the always awesome xkcd.

xkcd ftw
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I've actually had some pretty good results when drinking and drawing, but still - thought that this was fun and that I should share: 2010-11-10: Sinfest
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Re Posting this from [ profile] xtingu 's Tweet for everyone to see because... well... you should. I'll also echo her warning - this song is really catchy, so consider yourself warned...

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I just wanted to take a minute to give some props to the folks who produce The Guild. I became a fan a long while back, and the show just seems to keep getting better as time goes on.

One of the best things about the show is my desire to be a member of the cast or crew after every show. I find myself constantly thinking "they just seem like they're having so much fun doing this..."

And now? The music video:

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Heya gang. I just wanted to take a minute to invite everyone to go check out Adam P. Knave's blog. There's an LJ feed for it here, though it originates at his site. He accepts and responds to comments in both locations - whatever you're more comfortable with.

Why? Because he's effin' funny.

Today he's reimagined the world of Voltron. He has a thing for the 80's, and regularly looks at the cartoons and pop culture of the era in a way that is... well... to me it's better than the original. Makes for one hell of an entertaining ride.

Anyway - go check him out, and you can thank me later. :)
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Ok - just saw these and had to share:

... and now for something... completely different:


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Jon - "When I start getting the shakes - that's when I'm about to do something that I shouldn't."
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Ok - does anyone else find this comical (in a really sad kinda way)?

(It's an ad - just glance over it enough to see what aspect they're trying to promote then check the bottom of it.)

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Thanks to [ profile] gdg for this.

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

Included in his version was: "Weapon can be real or fictional, you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional." but I think that I'll go with the 'endless ammo' doesn't work. Just my style. Not vital, but it helps explain my response.

My responses were:

1. Large Double Bladed Axe.
2. Thunderstruck by AC/DC.
3. Bruce Campbell (I figure I want to be laughing when I finally go down...)
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Caption This!So [ profile] xtingu  and I got to talking about the fact that an old friend of mine and I are back in touch. He's working on a children's book that has something to do with lobsters, so he had asked if I can draw lobsters. The discussion of this, between [ profile] xtingu  and myself turned... well... see for yourself.

So I finished the drawing with her adding input as I went, and we found ourselves wondering what he should be saying. I leave that to you dear readers.
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Having a fairly productive morning. Already installed some memory, fixed a problem for one of the Help Desk folks (thanks to my coworker Jeff), noted that the solution might work for another problem, fixed that problem, and now I'm off to install more memory. I needed a productive morning to follow last night's foul up. I managed to erase every picture in my phone - including a bunch that hadn't been backed up. I found it terribly upsetting, but at least I learned some things. I'm using Bitpim and I was mucking around with the file structure of my phone. Live and learn I guess. 

And from the stupid people file: 
(What follows is a rough approximation of a small part of my day - Dilbert Style) 

Their Guy: "Quick Matt! We need to fix this problem right away! The people involved are only free for another 15 minutes! We're on the bridge - join us as quick as possible." 

Now I'm a pretty bright dude so I figure out fairly quickly that the 'bridge' being referenced is a conference call, not a physical structure. As the people involved don't even work for Da-bank, I have no knowledge of their conference call technologies whatsoever. 

Me: "Forgive me for this - but I don't know how to access the bridge." 

Their Guy: "Oh - no problem - just call this 800 number, then enter this 7 digit passcode when prompted."

I call.

And get muzak.

For longer than it took me to type this all out. Good thing that they were in such a hurry. 

Update: Finally Their Guy came on the line and said "Oh hey - I'm going to give you two phone numbers to call Our Other Guy directly." 

He does. 

I try both numbers and get voice mail on both. I reply all to everyone involved giving my direct line (for the second time) and ask Their Other Guy to call me directly. 

I'm still waiting for that call. 

Think that I will write a new song while I'm waiting - it goes like this: "Stuuuupid peeeeeeeeople - they irritate my

Update 2.0:
I finally got a call from Their Other Guy. I walked him through the 5 minutes worth of work that needed doing. He's going to reboot, test, and call me back.

All I can think is "Did it really need to be that hard?" I'm in a pretty good mood though, so I'm snickering rather than pull out my few remaining precious hairs.
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Conversation between my coworker Jon and myself:

J: Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
M: I'm sure there's a reason, but I don't know.
J: Fa drizzle.

I'm giggling like a kid.

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In something that alarmingly seems like productivity, I finished another strip for 1100. By all means - check it out and let me know what you think!

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