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In case an of my art peeps didn't see this update over at Dragonbones...

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aarakocraI've just had me a pretty damn productive weekend. I wrote a couple of book reviews for 'how to' books that are currently out for artists. The first one can be found here. I'll be posting more once I've had time to clean them up a bit.

Next, we have the side of things. I started playing with the 'collections' option and created a collection for tutorials that I thought were worthwhile. There are a million tutorials out there for artists, but without some human going through them all and filtering out... well... the crap, you could spend a lot of time and never get anywhere. If you have a tutorial on Deviantart (or hell - anywhere really) that you would like me to take a look at, let me know.

Lastly, there's the personal projects element of this weekend. I came up with another idea that I'm not quite going to reveal yet, but the art linked here is the finished line work for one of the images from that project. (Sorry if that doesn't make much sense.) Click the thumbnail to see the full (non-head cutty-off-y) version.

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*Edit: I started this last night, and had to finish this morning.*

I had a minor epiphany in the shower tonight. I have this tendancy of thinking of a million one things that I wish I'd accomplished during the day. Tonight I thought: "Why not write them down before bed so you don't forget about them tomorrow until it's too late?"

For tonight, my thoughts turned to artwork. I have a ton of pokers in the proverbial fire - all of which seem stalled outside of my control (though I know that I could push some of them forward a bit).

Here's the abrieviated list:

1. Children's book - for the bank.
2. Children's book - with an old colleague.
3. Art for a flash based game for a popular social networking site (more when the details are hammered out).
4. More 1100 strips (I have a ton of ideas to add to the small collection there.)
5. Another comic idea that's still in the planning stages with another old colleague.

I really need to start pushing some of these forward - otherwise they're likely to all come to a head at the same time. Then everyone will be upset as I scramble to get everything done in less time than any one of them deserves. (Not to mention the burn out I would likely feel in a short span of time.)
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Caption This!So [ profile] xtingu  and I got to talking about the fact that an old friend of mine and I are back in touch. He's working on a children's book that has something to do with lobsters, so he had asked if I can draw lobsters. The discussion of this, between [ profile] xtingu  and myself turned... well... see for yourself.

So I finished the drawing with her adding input as I went, and we found ourselves wondering what he should be saying. I leave that to you dear readers.
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I won't be doing the usual "Creativity Nightâ„¢" tonight kids. Or rather I will, but in a new direction.
DCAD ( is having an 'open to the public' figure drawing session every Tuesday night from 6pm - 9pm from now until May 13th. Any who might have normally done Creativity Nightâ„¢ with me are more than welcome to come! This is an uninstructed session with a live model and costs a whopping $8. A loose session with a bunch of creative types just drawing like mad? Sounds ideal to me.
While I'm on the topic of upcoming DCAD open to the public events, I should throw out the fact that on March 8th, there is the first Draw 'til You Drop session. The cost is $20 and it runs from noon to midnight. There will also be models, guests and snackages provided. I'll be there as well (barring unforeseen circumstances).
No advance registration is needed for either event.
I would also point out that if you don't consider yourself an artist that you would still be welcome. Both are intentionally left 'uninstructed' in order to welcome the public. Nervous about the reaction folks might have to your stuff? Don't be. Sit next to me and I will make sure that people mind their manners. ;)
I can't wait and I hope to see you folks there!
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Something I'm working on for a worthwhile cause. Just hope I'm not too late (though I probably am). If it turns out that I am, in fact, too late, I think that I will just auction the image off and donate the money directly. Seems reasonable.


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I have two new 'things' that I'm working on artistically:

1. Meet my Inner Skeletor. For those of you familiar with Iron Maiden's character/mascot Eddie the Head, I was having a discussion with [ profile] xtingu and the IJG's intrepid leader Andrew Durkin about said character. As Andy notes in one of his posts, we were thinking that it might be entirely amusing to create a ghoulish character mascot of the band. I'm going to let you just mull that one over. Updates coming in the near future.

2. Randomization and art. So I was sitting in a Borders book store tonight. Yes, I normally am a Barnes and Noble kind of guy, but I felt like 'mixing it up' a bit. Don't try to stop me - I'm a madman like that. Anyway - I was thinking about fantasy art and looking through the latest batch of "World's Greatest" magazines which promote the better fantasy artists and illustrators. It's been said that art is the creation of something with the intent to illicit an emotional response. I kinda like that summary about as much as any other, so I'm always looking to see what kind of emotional response the artist is looking to pull from me. As I was doing this, I noticed that a number of the artists in these magazines were using a tool I hadn't realized they were using before.

Symbols. Okay, sure - I knew that other artists use symbols all the time, but I had really thought about it in this light before. Namely, the artists were using archetypes to garner certain emotional responses to the image. Robots, dragons, faeries - people who would be looking at these images have a certain emotional investment in these standards. The artists in these magazines are using that investment to gain the emotional response that they're looking for.

This got me to thinking.

About a million and one years ago, I discovered the website For those of you who do now, or did at one time, do the RPG thing, Bruce Gulke (as creator of the website) has created one of the best, most fleshed out, and all round 'slickest' campaign worlds online that I have come across. While most of you may not know this, that's saying a lot. Campaign paroozing is a hobby of mine. Anyway - that's not all Bruce does. He's created a program called the Tablesmith.

The short version of the answer to "What is Tablesmith?" is this: It's the architecture needed to randomly generate responses based on data in tables created by the user. Or randomizer+database=fun. It's designed for gamers, but I've always thought that the Tablesmith had a broad spectrum of uses outside of direct RPG stuff. Writers, developers, game designers - the list could go on for quite a while. It's not focussed on fantasy or sci-fi or anything else really. Bruce designed it in a way that is usable by all of the above and more. If it seems like I'm going on because I'm impressed it's because I am.

Anyway, tonight, while sitting in said cafe I was thinking to myself: wouldn't it be a fun sort of 'game' to use Tablesmith to generate random subjects? I could create tables to generate the topic that any number of images would focus on.

While I just don't have the kind of background (or brains) to create something like [ profile] deeptape's SandCastle Project, this seemed like a good way for me to mix technology with art. I've created a ridiculously simple version of the table already, but I will post more when I refine it.
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Wow kids - I was pleased as punch to read this article posted to life hack.

While the subject matter might be intimidating to folks, I would say that the less you feel you know about art the more you should read it. It's a short piece, easy to digest, and pretty damn solid to my way of thinking. I highly recommend it.
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Wow. What an awesome weekend.

For any of you who managed to not catch [personal profile] xtingu 's weekend summary post...

Friday September 7th, 2007:
I worked a little late. Ok - maybe not worked so much. A co-worker sold me a motherboard and cpu to update my sorely antiquated home PC. It took a little work, some prayers in long dead languages and a couple of virgin sacrifices, but we got it working. The power supply, in fact, wasn't the right pin out, but my handy pocket knife explained the situation to the cabling, and now it sees the error of its ways. Now I'm able to do things like play music AND browse the web at the same time. What a concept.

After that, I swung by my place, dropped the pc off, got packed up for the weekend and headed over to see [personal profile] xtingu for a nice relaxing evening of 'chill with my girlfriend' - which is not a euphemism - it's just really good.

Saturday September 8th, 2007:
We headed up to my folks' place to celebrate my brother and my birthdays. Our middle brother and his lovely wife came down to join in the festivities. Brunch at Pickles (more on that later) and then we lost Josh, Ben, and Trina to other plans. My folks, [personal profile] xtingu , and myself headed back to the house to drop off crap and consolidate vehicles, then it was off to the Allentown Art Museum to see the Looney Tunes Exhibit.

After a delightful time at the museum (which included sitting and watching cartoons with my Mom and Pop in the 'kids section' and getting bemused looks from security guards) we headed to lunch and to do a little shopping. I needed to update a couple things in my wardrobe pretty badly and I annoyed Llij and my Mom with my efficiency in that department. To illustrate:

Step 1: Walk into the shoe store.
Step 2: Grab the first pair of shoes that I like after a quick glance.
Step 3: Try on one other size in the same 'model' shoe.
Step 4: Pay for shoes.
Step 5: There is no Step 5. Nor is there any spoon.

I did much the same thing with some other clothes, a new tie, and so forth. Since I was going to a wedding reception with [personal profile] xtingu and I both seem to really just enjoy the hell out of  'farting around' with my folks, and this was some good time with them that we don't get nearly often enough. My brothers and their significant others were sorely missed, but Ben and Trina were at a good friend's wedding and Josh doesn't get to see enough of Angie these days, so he was visiting her, so I guess we can forgive them.

Later, [personal profile] xtingu and I caught up with [profile] kar0na at The Starlite Diner (which - as a side note - is INcorrectly located on Google Maps) for some munchies. We called it a fairly early night because my Rock Star Girlfriend had a date with a recording studio on Sunday. I won't point out that I'm getting to be an old man and really like to get to sleep at a decent hour myself or anything.

Sunday September 9th, 2007:
We got up and spent a little time just nibbling muffins, drinking freshly brewed coffee, and chillin with the fam. Again - good times. The folks even brought out the photo album of my < one year old baby butt. [Insert 'Awwws' here.]

After Llij took off for her studio time, I got ready for the reception with [profile] kar0na and then headed out. We got some good hang time with good peeps at the party (which was at the Sheraton Jetport). First a couple drinks at the bar with munchies - then to the banquet hall where people with much more nimble feet than my own danced after we ate a delightful meal. And had a couple more drinks. (Don't worry kids - Yours Truly was exceedingly well behaved since I knew that I had a lot of driving ahead of me.) [profile] kar0na looked lovely, I got to meet some new folks as well as see old familiar faces, and I even got to snap a couple pics/vids. All in all? I had a pretty damn fine time.

Headed down to Delaware and more or less collapsed - only to get up entirely too soon for work since I'm 'the early guy' this week.

Ugh. Can't we go back to the weekend?
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I need to write and draw more. Like a lot more.

Of course these days it really is starting to feel like I need more hours in the day to do that. There are several of you who may be reading this that I owe artwork to. Please believe me when I say that I haven't forgotten you - there's just a lot on my plate. I'm working fast and furious to get it all out a.s.a.p.


Tonight was KT's unofficial send-off to Colorado. There were lots of good peeps at the Washington Ale House, and I didn't get to talk to them all because I sometimes just can't handle crowds. I came home a little bit early for some quality time with one of the best threesomes out there - my computer, the intarwebs, and myself.

In addition to some much needed 'down time' I got the chance to chat with [ profile] kar0na and it felt good to unwind and just BS while doing said unwinding.

It's already well past my bedtime. Tomorrow it's back to the drawing board, and when I'm done with the jobs I have lined up, I have an idea for another 1100 strip.

Stay tuned True Believers...
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For those of you who where there on the 4th when we discussed whether I was a ninja, a pirate, or a robot. I present Patch - the robotic ninja pirate! (Sorry for the crappy image - I had to use my camera phone to take it.)


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So you've probably all forgotten the little experiment that I started back in February.

Well I didn't. It was driving me nuts that I never did finish the portraits that I had promised. I had plenty of steam to do an hour on [ profile] lafemmekatia's image.

I slowed down a bit and lost a bit of drive while working on [ profile] theseitz's image of Rodney Dangerfield. I sucked it up and worked on him for a little over 1/2 hour. Poor Rodney. You've looked better buddy.

I have just finished (at long last) the image I promised for [ profile] anisette_toast. I actually found this one coming together fairly quickly. There was a lot going on here tonight, and while I would think that should be an 'excuse' for why the image didn't turn out the way I wanted, it actually seemed to be the reverse. In just 1/2 hour (ok - maybe a touch more) I felt comfortable calling it a night.
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To those of you who know him in RL and/or those peeps on my flist who like really good (and funky) poetry - my buddy Don from the Lehigh Valley has started a new LJ account - [ profile] petrarch5. (He no longer has access to his old one - [ profile] avalonsleeper.)


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So during 'Creativity Night' with [ profile] xtingu and [ profile] shellefly the topic of bios came up. I hate writing them, and have had to write a number of them for the different websites that I'm on. I'm really awful at writing about myself for promotional purposes and I need to do it for both myself and for some others.

I've done the obvious Google searches, but I just thought that I would turn this little dilemma out to you oh wizards of teh intarwebs. Do any of you know of a place with a good bit on writing artist related bios?
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I was thinking about doing some t-shirt designs. Mostly, I'm probably going to stick with my forte - tribal designs and the like. However, I have some pretty damn clever friends, so I thought that I would put the word out:

If any of you have an idea for a funny (or serious for that matter) shirt - let me know. If I like the idea, and I put it on a shirt, I'll (at least) buy one of the shirts for you, and you can brag to all of your friends that you came up with the idea!
Jun. 4th, 2007 10:06 am


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Wow. Rough morning. I was up way too late with [ profile] xtingu to be up this damn early. At least it was for the right reasons - we created artwork last night. As much as I illustrate, I'm no pro when it comes to traditional media painting, and I decided yesterday morning that I needed to fix that. [ profile] xtingu agreed when I said that she should try her hand at it too.

We had some fun tromping around Michaels and gathering supplies. We noted that there's a very clear reason why we're known as 'starving artists' (just check out the prices on paint - let alone all the tools you need to paint with - brushes, knives, pallets, canvasses, etc. etc. etc.). There's an excitement to it though. Maybe I'm just an art geek, but when you're there at that store - with all those supplies - all you can think about is the potential held in that place. What's possible with the stuff in that store? It's a great feeling.

We brought the car load of supplies back to her place (along with a ton of crap that I already had at my place) and got to work. I don't want to spill the beans on her painting - I'll let her do that in her own time, but I will say this - I love it. She's very good at what she does, and I would love to have one of her images in my house. You should all consider commissioning her.

As to my own image? Well, I had one hell of a time getting used to the idea that I couldn't just hit cntrl+z to 'undo' something once I had done it. That's a very frustrating thing if I may say so. I wasted a lot of paint. I learned tons in a very short span of time (relatively speaking). My original intent had been to paint a photo-realism male torso, with the right hand touching the sternum with it's extended fingers. Spiraling out from the touch would be tribal tattoo designs - seemingly 'growing' into the skin.

Okay, so I was a bit ambitious for my first time out - sue me.

Getting the technical bits figured out proved to be a little too much for me to do the image I had in mind, so I simplified. I did away with the hand and tattoos and dropped it back to a simple male torso. I think that the image turned out ok, even if it's not what I was really looking to do.

I'll post pictures of both what I originally intended and a snapshot of the finished painting later.
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I seriously may have to change my shorts:

(Thanks [profile] nonamecity - now you've ruined me for other portables!)

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