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The girls in Tech Finance asked me to help decorate their pumpkin. We did some brainstorming yesterday, I drew a 'pattern' on the pumpkin (which they then improved on with the push pins) and today I drew the backdrop this is the result:

Not too shabby if I may be so bold.

Here's a quick pic of the assembled competition:

An impressive collection (especially concidering that all designs were done within 24 hours...)

I had two favorites aside from out own:

which was a simple, but wonderfully done rendition of an excellent character from A Nightmare Before Christmas. It was done on a lazy suzanne so the head would pivot to shows the alternate personas just like in the film.


what a great version of Cinderella's (thanks [ profile] shellefly ) carriage! The detail level was really impressive given the time constraints.

I thought everyone did well, and I'm glad to have taken part. Now? I'm dying to know who won!
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Ok - so here it is in fast and furious mode:

Friday: I took it pretty easy. I was burned out from a rough week and stayed home. Jill had a rehearsal for my brother's wedding in October. She headed up to the Lehigh Valley for that, and I just hung out at home, watched some tv online, and unwound. I needed that night - a lot.

Saturday: Early afternoon, we had a bunch of rocktastic folks who used our place as a hub for the Arden Fair. What a delight that was! It was like a revolving door of awesome. I headed over to the Fair myself for a bit, but did my usual 'move through, absorb quickly, and then get out of the crowd fast' thing. I'm not one for crowded spaces. Probably has something to do with my petite physique.

After the Fair, I headed up to Philly to join my brothers and some friends for some tailgating outside the ballpark for part of my youngest brother's bachelor party. Had a great time and played my first game or two of ladder toss with my middle brother Ben. I enjoyed the game and even won a couple of rounds. Sense my inner tribal hunter.


After the tailgating, I headed to [ profile] burningkirby's place for Burning Kirby 2010. A bunch of us were really bummed out that we couldn't be out on the Playa this year, so we decided to create a mini-regional burn in honor of the weekend. It really was wonderful. I was surprised (and thrilled) to see how many folks made it out, and things went smoothly, which is a big ol' win in my eyes. I really hope we do it again in future years if we're unable to go Home, or as a compression / decompression event.

Sunday: We dragged ourselves out of bed, cleaned up, and a few of us went to brunch at Nudy's. Found the food to be tasty and the company exquisite.

[ profile] burningkirby  and I headed north again to my folks place. My youngest brother turned 26 on Sunday, and we wanted to get some hang time in and eventually we ordered some dinner in so we could socialize and not worry about making dinner or cleaning up after. We even got some hang time in with Grandma which was the icing on the cake.

We found out that my parents had never experienced The Hangover, so we rented that, and watched until my future sister in law's parents came over for some more chill time.

[ profile] xtingu  and I got back home late, and we were both draggin pretty good by the time we got here. Hit the sack and pretty much played the part of a coma victim immediately.

Monday: Slept in a bit, though not nearly enough to catch up. We had plans to meet up with a new friend for brunch. Judith Kay found [ profile] xtingu online, and gave her a call the other day. The two of them got to chatting, discovered that they had some mutual hobbies / niche joys, and are fast becoming good friends. I was dying to meet her, based on Jill's commentary on her, and we all headed to Lucky's for some brunch.

We had a blast, I really enjoyed meeting Judith, and we got to talking about some fun and creative ideas, including a seekrit plan that has been brewing in my back brain for some time. I'm not quite ready to reveal it publicly yet, but soon my Pretties... soon.

After brunch, Jill and I headed back to the house for some desperately needed down time. We talked briefly about getting together with Jerm and Lauratron for dinner, but both couples were just too exhausted to add anything to our plates for the remainder of the day. Instead, we watched Moon and Runaway. Pretty significantly different movies, but Moon was excellent, and Runaway was thoroughly enjoyable for it's 80s feathered hair, shoulder padded jackets for women, the caterpillar on Tom Selleck's upper lip, and Gene Simmons of Kiss. That's not even mentioning the evil robots. Yes - all that PLUS evil robots. Dude - how can it be bad?

Now? It's time to sleep the sleep of the righteous.

ETA: This is the third time I've edited this entry as large chunks of it seem to be disappearing. If something seems jarringly out of place, please let me know. I seem to have come down with a case of the DUM.
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First, I would like to apologize for the pun. I couldn't help myself.

I also thought that I should point out the contests that Uglyrug (a.k.a. Andrew Durkin) and the Industrial Jazz Group are running. They look to be a rocking good bit of fun, and I really encourage those of you with a creative streak to get crackin. The deadline is quickly approaching!

I miiight even be able to help with some raw video footage if that would interest anyone...
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So psyched! I just got my copy of Stays Crunchy In Milk by Adam P. Knave. Just finished the last thing I was reading, so the timing couldn't be better. Really looking forward to cracking this open! 1123091221.jpg

It's not exactly a glamorous location to snap a quick picture of it, but my desk at the office will have to do for now. :)

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What follows is an email I sent out recently, and while it was intended for a specific group, I thought that I would be terribly remiss if I didn't let you great folks in LJ-Land know about this...

* * * * *
Who: The Joe Trainor Trio with special guests Jill Knapp and Matt Casarino
What: Benefit concert for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Delaware
When: This Saturday (Sept. 19th) at 8pm
Where: The Baby Grand here in beautiful Wilmington Delaware ( 818 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 )
How: (much) $15 in advance (via ) or $20 at the door.

That's right gang - Joe & the Boys, [ profile] xtingu , and Matt Casarino are all going to be rocking the doors off the Baby Grand this weekend, and it couldn't be for a better cause. Bring friends, bring family, and bring that guy next door who always seemed like a hep cat, but you just never got the chance to break the ice. It's going to be one hell of a good time and when you're helping to make childrens' lives a little better? Well... you really can't beat that.

If you have any questions, feel free to:
1. Post them 'publicly' here - chances are pretty good someone else is wondering about that too...
2. Ask me privately either by email or a phone call
3. Check out any of the following web sites for a little 411Ok - I'll stop blathering now, but PLEASE come to this event if you have the ability - you will not regret it! (Besides - it's a chance to wish me a belated happy birthday and it's actually ON Joe's birthday!)
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Don't worry, I'm fine - I just  wanted to give everyone a heads up and repost an email that [profile] jafosmite sent out. The Joe Trainor Trio have a bunch of upcoming gigs that I wanted to let everyone know about and I did want to ask a little favor: They're part of the Spark Summer Music Festival. Please (as a favor to me) visit the link below and vote for them. It does require registering, but that really is painless and you can vote daily once you've registered. As to the rest of the details? Well, I'll leave that to [profile] jafosmite :

Hello everyone… 

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you about some great things we've got coming up…and to ask for your help: 

    1. The Trio is part of Spark's annual Summer Music Series.  First, go here and vote for us: .  You'll see three TABS ('Welcome', 'Watch Videos & Vote' and 'Register').  Take a quick minute to register (it's very easy) then throw us a vote.  It would help us a lot.  On the video page they've got an mp3 of our song Drift and an "in-studio" performance of the song For The Rest Of You.
    1. Come see us play in the Spark Summer Music Series on Friday, August 8th at Mojo 13.  We're doing a 90 minute set which will include some new originals, some great covers and a few surprises.  Hope you can make it.
  1. The Trio is taking part in the first annual Unicity Festival in Middletown, Delaware.  The date is Saturday, August 2nd and is an all-day event with over 100 artists including an appearance by director John Waters, comedian Sandra Burnhard, and headlined by the 80s group The Fixx.  Details about our performance time and venue are still to come.  General admission tickets are $15 and details on additional tickets can me found at  (Of note: My brother Allen plays bass for Paul Lewis and my brother Shawn sings for the band Cubane and both are also on the bill, making it the first time all three brothers have taken part in the same show with three different bands.)
  1. Finally, The Joe Trainor Trio is honored to be headlining the 101st annual Arden Fair this year on Saturday, August 30th, which is a great outdoor event that's free to the general public.  Our performance time hasn't been nailed down yet, but will likely be in the late afternoon.  It's a family event so kids are welcome.  Come spend the day in Arden!!

OK…that about does it.  Please give us your vote and we hope to see you at any (or all) of the shows above. 

Take care and thanks.

joe trainor

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Thanks to [ profile] gdg for this.

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

Included in his version was: "Weapon can be real or fictional, you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional." but I think that I'll go with the 'endless ammo' doesn't work. Just my style. Not vital, but it helps explain my response.

My responses were:

1. Large Double Bladed Axe.
2. Thunderstruck by AC/DC.
3. Bruce Campbell (I figure I want to be laughing when I finally go down...)
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You know something? Today was a damn fine day.

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Well, as they say in cheesey movies about movies - That's a wrap. It's in the can. We rocked that shizzle.

And we had one hell of a lot of fun doing it.

This coming Wednesday, you can see the movie we made on the big screen. In fact, I would LOVE to have as many of you as can make it. I'll consider bribing you.

You can't tell that audience participation helps to determine local winners can you?

Anywho - here's the information per [personal profile] boutell (who was our rockstar producer/director):

"It will really be screening on Wednesday at the International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, at 9:15pm! Yes, you should get there early to get a ticket ($10) for screening group D!"

I very much look forward to seeing any/all of you there!
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(The following was shamelessly stolen from an email [ profile] boutell sent out.)


This year's Greater Delaware Avengers, aka improv goddess Bobbi,
accomplished playwright Lindsay, talented director Matt, location
mavens Mary and her sister Ann, remarkably skilled first-time director
Laura, a convincingly deranged Brett and possibly real-for-serious
videographer Lauren will be producing another official 48 Hour Film
Project movie this weekend!

Here are the details on the screening to follow very shortly thereafter:

"What?" a festival of short films made during a 48-hour period
beginning this Friday night and ending this coming Sunday.

"When?" Wednesday April 30th, 9:15pm.

"Where?" The International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

"How much?" a $10 ticket gets you twelve awesome short films on the
big screen. Of which ours will of course be the most awesome. In part
because you will all be bringing your aunts, all of whom will vote for
us! Yeah!

"Is there an afterparty?" Hellz yeah there is. The official 48HFP
afterparty will be at the Silk City Diner, with prizes awarded at
midnight. Those who are still mad about the demise of the old Silk
City may wear black armbands.

There are no advance ticket sales. Please arrive early to be sure of a
ticket and a seat!

"I want more!" If you love this stuff as much as I do, I suggest
arriving earlier so that you can see another screening group of short
films starting at 7pm. And if you love this stuff to a scary degree,
there are groups of films being screened on Tuesday the 29th as well
at 7pm and 9:15pm.

"Should I RSVP?" You don't have to, just show up! But RSVP emails
would be awesome and highly encouraging to all involved.


I welcome responses here and/or emails
Mar. 4th, 2008 01:51 pm

In Memoriam

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While some of you may laugh at me for it, I'm deeply saddened to hear about the passing of a brilliant and creative mind. He created something that helped so many of us dream bigger and more vividly than we thought possible.
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Some brief plans for the week in case any of you care to join me:

-Be there at 1100 when they come to pick up my old pick up. Make sure that the tow truck driver stays very far away from my motorcycle. If not? Break him - many times.
-Work on the new and improved Shhhhh - it's a surprise.

-Open Figure Drawing from Life at DCAD.

And the rest? Well, I haven't quite figured the rest out yet. I'll let you know when I do.
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This is just about the kewlest thing EVAR. Can't wait to get home so I can play with it!

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Tagged by [personal profile] boutell 

(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog."

So here's my 8 (I know you're dying of antici-pation).

1. I got lost within a 64 acre stretch of woods when I was about eight years old. I never really got scared and found my way out only a short while later.

2. Buying art supplies makes me feel like I'm somehow more of an artist. Consequently, I have a crapload of unused or partially used supplies.

3. When I write, it tends to be almost entirely made up of clichés.

4. I bite my tongue when dealing with others far more often than I should.

5. I want the perks of success without the effort required to attain it.

6. I'm ridiculously fortunate in the family and friends department. Like in the "no one should be that lucky" sense.

7. I am sensitive to a fault, and I fight like hell to keep from showing it.

8. I almost always feel like I should 'be doing more', but I almost never do.

I don't generally tag, but I would love to see the response to this from a pretty large group of those of you who are reading this, so if you have the time...
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So tonight kicked all kinds of ass.

Today we did a lot of little stuff for the house, none of which really added up to much, but mostly (for my part) I got a little homework done on people I need to make phone calls to.

Then, we got a dinner visit from the always [profile] jafosmite  and the always lovely C came by to record the music from [personal profile] ms_violet  's wedding so that they could have a copy. I can say with absolute certainty that it will never get old hearing [personal profile] xtingu  and company perform here in the house in which we live. Good times with good friends.

Then? The pièce de résistance.

Yours truly learned a thing or two about music. Yes me. The guy whose voice could kill large herd animals came one step closer to not being a complete musical moron. I owe this entirely to the unwavering teaching skills of the lovely and talented [personal profile] xtingu . I assure you all that I had nothing to do with it.

To summarize, this is the range of things that she managed to squeeze into my brain. While I can't promise that I will retain all of it, I have the advantage of living with my teacher. (I plan to pick her brain a lot.)

  1. How to play a G chord on a guitar, using two different fingerings.
  2. How to tune a guitar both to a piano and to itself.
  3. How to read guitar tablature.
  4. How to tell the difference between when a pitch is too high or too low, using the oscillations between the pitches.
  5. How to read treble clef.
  6. What a key signature is, and also what accidentals do.
  7. What a time signature is, and what it represents.
  8. How to sight read rhythms in both 3/4 and 4/4 time (including eighth rests and sixteenth notes).
  9. How to play a major scale on a piano by understanding the whole step/ half step sequence, and how to apply the pattern so I can play a major scale in any key.
  10. How to make a major triad.
  11. How to play a minor triad (flat the third).
  12. What relative minor is (A minor is the relative minor of C major).
  13. Sight read a little bit of a melody on the piano.
Not bad for two hours.

I got it pretty damn good.
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No - really - it's a meme about my relationship with [personal profile] xtingu. I highly recommend you turn back now. 
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Wow. What an awesome weekend.

For any of you who managed to not catch [personal profile] xtingu 's weekend summary post...

Friday September 7th, 2007:
I worked a little late. Ok - maybe not worked so much. A co-worker sold me a motherboard and cpu to update my sorely antiquated home PC. It took a little work, some prayers in long dead languages and a couple of virgin sacrifices, but we got it working. The power supply, in fact, wasn't the right pin out, but my handy pocket knife explained the situation to the cabling, and now it sees the error of its ways. Now I'm able to do things like play music AND browse the web at the same time. What a concept.

After that, I swung by my place, dropped the pc off, got packed up for the weekend and headed over to see [personal profile] xtingu for a nice relaxing evening of 'chill with my girlfriend' - which is not a euphemism - it's just really good.

Saturday September 8th, 2007:
We headed up to my folks' place to celebrate my brother and my birthdays. Our middle brother and his lovely wife came down to join in the festivities. Brunch at Pickles (more on that later) and then we lost Josh, Ben, and Trina to other plans. My folks, [personal profile] xtingu , and myself headed back to the house to drop off crap and consolidate vehicles, then it was off to the Allentown Art Museum to see the Looney Tunes Exhibit.

After a delightful time at the museum (which included sitting and watching cartoons with my Mom and Pop in the 'kids section' and getting bemused looks from security guards) we headed to lunch and to do a little shopping. I needed to update a couple things in my wardrobe pretty badly and I annoyed Llij and my Mom with my efficiency in that department. To illustrate:

Step 1: Walk into the shoe store.
Step 2: Grab the first pair of shoes that I like after a quick glance.
Step 3: Try on one other size in the same 'model' shoe.
Step 4: Pay for shoes.
Step 5: There is no Step 5. Nor is there any spoon.

I did much the same thing with some other clothes, a new tie, and so forth. Since I was going to a wedding reception with [personal profile] xtingu and I both seem to really just enjoy the hell out of  'farting around' with my folks, and this was some good time with them that we don't get nearly often enough. My brothers and their significant others were sorely missed, but Ben and Trina were at a good friend's wedding and Josh doesn't get to see enough of Angie these days, so he was visiting her, so I guess we can forgive them.

Later, [personal profile] xtingu and I caught up with [profile] kar0na at The Starlite Diner (which - as a side note - is INcorrectly located on Google Maps) for some munchies. We called it a fairly early night because my Rock Star Girlfriend had a date with a recording studio on Sunday. I won't point out that I'm getting to be an old man and really like to get to sleep at a decent hour myself or anything.

Sunday September 9th, 2007:
We got up and spent a little time just nibbling muffins, drinking freshly brewed coffee, and chillin with the fam. Again - good times. The folks even brought out the photo album of my < one year old baby butt. [Insert 'Awwws' here.]

After Llij took off for her studio time, I got ready for the reception with [profile] kar0na and then headed out. We got some good hang time with good peeps at the party (which was at the Sheraton Jetport). First a couple drinks at the bar with munchies - then to the banquet hall where people with much more nimble feet than my own danced after we ate a delightful meal. And had a couple more drinks. (Don't worry kids - Yours Truly was exceedingly well behaved since I knew that I had a lot of driving ahead of me.) [profile] kar0na looked lovely, I got to meet some new folks as well as see old familiar faces, and I even got to snap a couple pics/vids. All in all? I had a pretty damn fine time.

Headed down to Delaware and more or less collapsed - only to get up entirely too soon for work since I'm 'the early guy' this week.

Ugh. Can't we go back to the weekend?
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Just a quick friendly reminder in case you missed my first post on the topic - we're making another movie - this time in 24 hours.

"Why would you do that Matt?" you ask? "What? Was 48 hours too much time?"

Nope. [ profile] xtingu and myself are taking part of this little project set up by [ profile] boutell in order to benefit Doctors Without Borders. It's a great cause and that's all there is to it.

Please please please feel free to sponsor us. Any donations over $25 will get a line of dialogue into the movie (within reason). If you have any questions, want to help out, or whatevah - just let me know.

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