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I'm no scientist. Not in any real sense of the word. I am, however, not completely ignorant either. I listen to reason (most of the time).

Thus we come to the crux of a conflict that I've been waging in my daydreaming moments. I thought that I would open those thoughts to you, oh Great and Powerful Intarwebs, and seek your thoughts on the subject.

I've encountered a number of different articles over the years about different ways in which technology is replacing humans in the world of art. While this has been happening all over the world in a number of different industries, the world of art seems somehow different to me. Sure - robots can do dangerous jobs on an assembly line. Sure - they can provide recon on the battlefield. But I've worked on assembly lines. You don't need anything more creative or intellectual than a robot. I'm thankful that I've never had to step foot on a battlefield, but I understand the value of technology there.

When technology replaces us in the world of art? That's where I start to get really twitchy. People are creating robots that create 'graffiti'. Other robots are going to conduct a symphony.

I guess when it comes down to it, there's something in me that feels it's alright when an artist uses technology to create art, but a very large part of me feels like it's very not ok when technology 'creates' something and we allow it to be called art.

I know. I'm being a purist. I know that humans created the technology, so it could be argued that the final art is indirectly created by the real artist - the creator of the robot. It feels like watering down. It feels like the dissolution of what makes humanity something more than all the other creatures on the planet. It feels like we're willingly saying that there's no such thing as creativity.

And suddenly I feel like I know how those who are devoutly religious feel when confronted with the concept of Faith vs. Science.

I would really like to get some feedback here folks. How do you feel about this?
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So tonight kicked all kinds of ass.

Today we did a lot of little stuff for the house, none of which really added up to much, but mostly (for my part) I got a little homework done on people I need to make phone calls to.

Then, we got a dinner visit from the always [profile] jafosmite  and the always lovely C came by to record the music from [personal profile] ms_violet  's wedding so that they could have a copy. I can say with absolute certainty that it will never get old hearing [personal profile] xtingu  and company perform here in the house in which we live. Good times with good friends.

Then? The pièce de résistance.

Yours truly learned a thing or two about music. Yes me. The guy whose voice could kill large herd animals came one step closer to not being a complete musical moron. I owe this entirely to the unwavering teaching skills of the lovely and talented [personal profile] xtingu . I assure you all that I had nothing to do with it.

To summarize, this is the range of things that she managed to squeeze into my brain. While I can't promise that I will retain all of it, I have the advantage of living with my teacher. (I plan to pick her brain a lot.)

  1. How to play a G chord on a guitar, using two different fingerings.
  2. How to tune a guitar both to a piano and to itself.
  3. How to read guitar tablature.
  4. How to tell the difference between when a pitch is too high or too low, using the oscillations between the pitches.
  5. How to read treble clef.
  6. What a key signature is, and also what accidentals do.
  7. What a time signature is, and what it represents.
  8. How to sight read rhythms in both 3/4 and 4/4 time (including eighth rests and sixteenth notes).
  9. How to play a major scale on a piano by understanding the whole step/ half step sequence, and how to apply the pattern so I can play a major scale in any key.
  10. How to make a major triad.
  11. How to play a minor triad (flat the third).
  12. What relative minor is (A minor is the relative minor of C major).
  13. Sight read a little bit of a melody on the piano.
Not bad for two hours.

I got it pretty damn good.
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Wow kids - I was pleased as punch to read this article posted to life hack.

While the subject matter might be intimidating to folks, I would say that the less you feel you know about art the more you should read it. It's a short piece, easy to digest, and pretty damn solid to my way of thinking. I highly recommend it.
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Wow. Rough morning. I was up way too late with [ profile] xtingu to be up this damn early. At least it was for the right reasons - we created artwork last night. As much as I illustrate, I'm no pro when it comes to traditional media painting, and I decided yesterday morning that I needed to fix that. [ profile] xtingu agreed when I said that she should try her hand at it too.

We had some fun tromping around Michaels and gathering supplies. We noted that there's a very clear reason why we're known as 'starving artists' (just check out the prices on paint - let alone all the tools you need to paint with - brushes, knives, pallets, canvasses, etc. etc. etc.). There's an excitement to it though. Maybe I'm just an art geek, but when you're there at that store - with all those supplies - all you can think about is the potential held in that place. What's possible with the stuff in that store? It's a great feeling.

We brought the car load of supplies back to her place (along with a ton of crap that I already had at my place) and got to work. I don't want to spill the beans on her painting - I'll let her do that in her own time, but I will say this - I love it. She's very good at what she does, and I would love to have one of her images in my house. You should all consider commissioning her.

As to my own image? Well, I had one hell of a time getting used to the idea that I couldn't just hit cntrl+z to 'undo' something once I had done it. That's a very frustrating thing if I may say so. I wasted a lot of paint. I learned tons in a very short span of time (relatively speaking). My original intent had been to paint a photo-realism male torso, with the right hand touching the sternum with it's extended fingers. Spiraling out from the touch would be tribal tattoo designs - seemingly 'growing' into the skin.

Okay, so I was a bit ambitious for my first time out - sue me.

Getting the technical bits figured out proved to be a little too much for me to do the image I had in mind, so I simplified. I did away with the hand and tattoos and dropped it back to a simple male torso. I think that the image turned out ok, even if it's not what I was really looking to do.

I'll post pictures of both what I originally intended and a snapshot of the finished painting later.
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You know something? I've always found it funny how deeply movies seem to affect me. Tonight, on the long ride home from Va., Jimmy let me watch movies on his laptop. Two, in fact. It had been a very long time (for me anyway) since I had just sat down and watch a movie. Or two.

The two in question for the evening? Well, the first, I had actually already seen, but knew to be fun - Hitch starring Will Smith and the ever stunning Eva Mendes. Corny? Yes. Hoaky even? Absolutely. But I enjoyed it immensely.

The second? Equally cheesy, and at least as 'bad' - but these are the things I love - Click starring Adam Sandler. It's basically a re-telling of It's a Wonderful Life, if you ask me, but it really kinda did move me. It caused me to start thinking about the changes that I've seen in myself since I moved to De. and to the direction of my life. Not in the catastrophic sense that the movie portends, but rather in a 'watch the pendulum doesn't swing too far there Capt. Extremist' way.

Yes, I realize that I wasn't really in any danger of becoming a 'workaholic' or anything like that. Perhaps it would be better to say that it was what I needed to re-focus on the plus side of my life and re-notice all the amazing gifts that I have been given. Every day.

If you are reading this? I want to thank you for being a part of that.

/end Cornball
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Back in Philadelphia - tired, cranky, and yet pleased as punch that the adventure was such a success.
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Sooo tired and we have to get up entirely too early for my taste. Headed home tomorrow and I have to say I'm excited to get home
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Beautiful mountains, vineyards, lush gardens, fine wine, sensuous roads, and good friends - this place is a slice of heaven.
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Coffee encrusted filet mignon at Mosaic in Forestville- exquisite doesn't begin to cover it. The night just jumped upwards.
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15 minutes into the ride and I've had not one but two flat tires. :( we did about 6 miles total after repairs.
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Returning the U-haul because it's starting really rough. Unfortunately that means we're getting out of town really late.
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couple of things:
1. dreamt of werewolves last night. surprising as this may be to some of you who know me - this was not pleasant at all. I was trying to escape them, and just couldn't. somewhat traumatizing.
2. apparently my snoring/noise making is enough to annoy the guys. I can't express how sorry I am about this.
3. I failed to mention it before now, but I would like to apologize to anyone reading this because I am going to be posting mostly in super small chunks and possibly rapid fire since I have no real connection while out here (aside from right now) - so I'm posting via SMS and have to keep the posts under 160 characters. I will likely flesh out the posts when I get back. they're currently almost like notes for myself to refresh my memory when I return.
4. my life is exceptionally good.
5. my friends are even better.
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Sitting behind a really cute couple on the shuttle bus. She's a slightly big girl - but next to him she seems positively wee.
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There are few pleasures more simple, more basic, more primal, or that effect me more than the feel of crisp autumn air.
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So I like to flatter myself by thinking that I keep a pretty neutral eye on the world. I understand that I am often a moody guy and that colors many people's view of a given moment in time, but I fancy myself above that. I like to think that - given my (cursed) ability to 'walk a mile in someone else's shoes' I tend to see things with a fairly unbiased mind.

I would like to point out here that I am not, under any circumstances, trying to say that I react neutrally to all situations and experiences - simply that I see them so.

Is this naive of me? Is it ignorant to think that I am the rare exception to the rule here? Am I not alone? Do you (either of the two or so folks who read this ;) ) think that you're able to see the world this way?

Here's the simple truth: I think that I'm being foolish. I think that I do have a greater propensity for not allowing personal bias to color my view of a given experience, but that this isn't enough. "Better than most people" does not equal "the ability to be unbiased". I think that I am swayed by my personal opinions.

Okay, you're thinking, so what's so earth shattering about this?

Absolutely nothing. I'm just thinking 'out loud' as it were.
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Lines by Xia - Colors by me.A while back I was doing "coloring book" exercises from the forums and then I stopped. Not really sure why, but I did. It's painfully clear that my color work (like all my work) needs a lot of practice/improvement, but I set it aside for a while. I think that maybe I got bored doing other people's lines. Kinda hard to imagine given the quality of the linework, like that seen here to the left by Xia.

Anywho, this may be a one and done kinda thing or I may do more. In any event, this one's as done as she's getting. She was a lot of fun though, and if you see Xia around, say thanks for me! ;)

Oh, and of course, comments/suggestions/thoughts are (as always) welcome either here on in the gallery!

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