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I wanted to take a minute to share a little information about an event that is near and dear to me. If you're in the Wilmington Delaware area, you like quality jazz, and want to experience something a little different - a little more intimate - please consider coming out to the Arden Soirée!

If your tastes lay elsewhere, please feel free to share this post - I would really appreciate the support!

Thanks in advance,
~[ profile] mrlich

* * * * *

Arden Soirée - a new series of cozy living room concerts in an historic artists’ village near Wilmington, DE.

Don’t miss this kickoff event! Limited seating, so don’t delay!

Singer-guitarist Judith Kay ( with special guest, NYC guitarist Paul Meyers (

Sunday, 25 March, 2012 at 4 PM

Tickets $30 and are available for advance purchase only.

Ticket price includes:
• 75 minutes of nonstop acoustic instrument music
• Wine and Cheese/Artist Meet-and-Greet Reception afterwards
• All credit card service fees
• Free Parking

Event location contained in ticket confirmation email.

For tickets, please visit:
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Working security at Wilmo Rock Circus. I continue to be amazed by the volume of quality original local music in our little town that can (rock)!

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Sorry for the late notice gang, but if you're in Wilmington DE, I can highly recommend this show. You all know by now that I'm a huge fan of the JT3, but Film Brothers is also an awesome crew, and aI love that neighborhood. Check it out for your early Friday night entertainment!

The Joe Trainor Trio roars into Lower Market this Friday (10/14)…

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I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that the JT3 has offered up another free song in their recent post: JT3 performs “I Am The Walrus”

The tune rocks, and if you're somehow not yet familiar with the boys, and you want to hear them in the context of a tune you already know - here's your chance.
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Ok - I know that we all have about a million and one social media sources that we feel frustrated by thanks to the unending stream of 'stuff' that is pouring at us every day. Filtering out the crap has become a regular job for most of us.

Problem is that sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I just wanted to post something real quick to make sure that at least one of your infants doesn't suffer that fate. Many of you know the lovely and highly talented [ profile] ms_violet  and her written works. Some of you have probably read her work on the blog created for the Absinthe Drinkers. I fear, however, that you might have missed the recent series posted on the Missing Monsieur Thujone. They're highly entertaining and well worth the read.

In the event that you might have missed them, I've got the linx0rs for you right here:
Part One: The rumors of Thujone’s death are only slightly exaggerated.
Part Two: Good news and bad news
Part Three: The pressure’s on. Thujone must be found. (I LOVE the photo which may or may not provide a clue...)
Part Four: He is risen! Let the gigs commence! (The climactic wrap up!)

Really. Truly. Go read it now. [ profile] ms_violet  is rockin that shizzle, and you don't want to miss it.
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[ profile] ms_violet  has posted some information about a 'filmed for tv' concert that will be happening tomorrow night. I'm reposting here in case any of my Philly area friends didn't already get this via her post:

I'll be there and I hope to see you too!
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This sounds like a pretty fantastic service to those of you out there trying to sell music via the web:
Bands, Social Is Not Just About Sharing It Is Also About Commerce – CommerceSocial

If any of you out there decide to try it, please let me know - I'm curious how well it works.
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If you've ever wondered - even for a minute - if Joe, Kevin, and Mike were really talented guys, or if they had somehow stumbled on their music I present the following video for you. It's of them performing their original song "Angel" - but with a twist. For fun, they've decided to play it at double the speed it was written at. Watch their hands/fingers fly over their instruments as they do their thing.

And really? Don't miss their next show.

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Wow. I would try to explain just how awesome this show was, but, well, I just can't express that without all of you thinking that I'm exaggerating, or just plain making it up. You'd be incorrect, but it's what you would think.

The skills displayed by both bands was... amazing. Add in some fun snark and both new and old tunes? You have an evening that just couldn't have been much better. Then add in such good friends? Your brain starts to break.

As a side note: I would just like to again say thank you to the Tin Angel's Sound Guy. I'm often extremely frustrated by improper audio levels at smaller venues. When someone really nails it like he did last night, it just makes everything sooo much better for the audience. I, for one, will really be keeping this in mind when it comes to recommendations to bands, and future gigs for either JT3 and/or Hot Breakfast. Thanks bro.

With all of this, is it any great surprise that, at the risk of sounding corny, I have to say that I am the luckiest bastard I know?

Now then - who has photos / video / recordings that they would like to share?! 
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I know that a lot of you that are on my friends list are fans of the Joe Trainor Trio, so I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I created a feed for their site here: [ profile] joetrainortrio  and you can follow them on twitter at jttrio 

That's about it - see you at the shows!
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What follows is an email I sent out recently, and while it was intended for a specific group, I thought that I would be terribly remiss if I didn't let you great folks in LJ-Land know about this...

* * * * *
Who: The Joe Trainor Trio with special guests Jill Knapp and Matt Casarino
What: Benefit concert for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Delaware
When: This Saturday (Sept. 19th) at 8pm
Where: The Baby Grand here in beautiful Wilmington Delaware ( 818 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 )
How: (much) $15 in advance (via ) or $20 at the door.

That's right gang - Joe & the Boys, [ profile] xtingu , and Matt Casarino are all going to be rocking the doors off the Baby Grand this weekend, and it couldn't be for a better cause. Bring friends, bring family, and bring that guy next door who always seemed like a hep cat, but you just never got the chance to break the ice. It's going to be one hell of a good time and when you're helping to make childrens' lives a little better? Well... you really can't beat that.

If you have any questions, feel free to:
1. Post them 'publicly' here - chances are pretty good someone else is wondering about that too...
2. Ask me privately either by email or a phone call
3. Check out any of the following web sites for a little 411Ok - I'll stop blathering now, but PLEASE come to this event if you have the ability - you will not regret it! (Besides - it's a chance to wish me a belated happy birthday and it's actually ON Joe's birthday!)
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In the event that you hadn't seen this yet, I thought that I should point it out.

Andrew[ profile] jafosmite , and of course [ profile] xtingu  (as well as many more) I'm looking at you folks. :)
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Don't worry, I'm fine - I just  wanted to give everyone a heads up and repost an email that [profile] jafosmite sent out. The Joe Trainor Trio have a bunch of upcoming gigs that I wanted to let everyone know about and I did want to ask a little favor: They're part of the Spark Summer Music Festival. Please (as a favor to me) visit the link below and vote for them. It does require registering, but that really is painless and you can vote daily once you've registered. As to the rest of the details? Well, I'll leave that to [profile] jafosmite :

Hello everyone… 

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you about some great things we've got coming up…and to ask for your help: 

    1. The Trio is part of Spark's annual Summer Music Series.  First, go here and vote for us: .  You'll see three TABS ('Welcome', 'Watch Videos & Vote' and 'Register').  Take a quick minute to register (it's very easy) then throw us a vote.  It would help us a lot.  On the video page they've got an mp3 of our song Drift and an "in-studio" performance of the song For The Rest Of You.
    1. Come see us play in the Spark Summer Music Series on Friday, August 8th at Mojo 13.  We're doing a 90 minute set which will include some new originals, some great covers and a few surprises.  Hope you can make it.
  1. The Trio is taking part in the first annual Unicity Festival in Middletown, Delaware.  The date is Saturday, August 2nd and is an all-day event with over 100 artists including an appearance by director John Waters, comedian Sandra Burnhard, and headlined by the 80s group The Fixx.  Details about our performance time and venue are still to come.  General admission tickets are $15 and details on additional tickets can me found at  (Of note: My brother Allen plays bass for Paul Lewis and my brother Shawn sings for the band Cubane and both are also on the bill, making it the first time all three brothers have taken part in the same show with three different bands.)
  1. Finally, The Joe Trainor Trio is honored to be headlining the 101st annual Arden Fair this year on Saturday, August 30th, which is a great outdoor event that's free to the general public.  Our performance time hasn't been nailed down yet, but will likely be in the late afternoon.  It's a family event so kids are welcome.  Come spend the day in Arden!!

OK…that about does it.  Please give us your vote and we hope to see you at any (or all) of the shows above. 

Take care and thanks.

joe trainor

Jun. 7th, 2008 11:49 am

Bo Burnham

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Ok kids. Do yourselves a favor and go check out Bo Burnham's music videos on YouTube right now.

Fair warning - his lyrics are nsfw, but c'mon people - he's just busy being f'ing hysterical if you ask me.

Personal recommendations:
New Math
Rehab Center for Fictional Characters
My Whole Family

They're all good, but that seems a good quick sample.
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Durkin has posted another great review of LEEF. This time from Doug Ramsey for the jazz blog Rifftides. Check it out!
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So tonight kicked all kinds of ass.

Today we did a lot of little stuff for the house, none of which really added up to much, but mostly (for my part) I got a little homework done on people I need to make phone calls to.

Then, we got a dinner visit from the always [profile] jafosmite  and the always lovely C came by to record the music from [personal profile] ms_violet  's wedding so that they could have a copy. I can say with absolute certainty that it will never get old hearing [personal profile] xtingu  and company perform here in the house in which we live. Good times with good friends.

Then? The pièce de résistance.

Yours truly learned a thing or two about music. Yes me. The guy whose voice could kill large herd animals came one step closer to not being a complete musical moron. I owe this entirely to the unwavering teaching skills of the lovely and talented [personal profile] xtingu . I assure you all that I had nothing to do with it.

To summarize, this is the range of things that she managed to squeeze into my brain. While I can't promise that I will retain all of it, I have the advantage of living with my teacher. (I plan to pick her brain a lot.)

  1. How to play a G chord on a guitar, using two different fingerings.
  2. How to tune a guitar both to a piano and to itself.
  3. How to read guitar tablature.
  4. How to tell the difference between when a pitch is too high or too low, using the oscillations between the pitches.
  5. How to read treble clef.
  6. What a key signature is, and also what accidentals do.
  7. What a time signature is, and what it represents.
  8. How to sight read rhythms in both 3/4 and 4/4 time (including eighth rests and sixteenth notes).
  9. How to play a major scale on a piano by understanding the whole step/ half step sequence, and how to apply the pattern so I can play a major scale in any key.
  10. How to make a major triad.
  11. How to play a minor triad (flat the third).
  12. What relative minor is (A minor is the relative minor of C major).
  13. Sight read a little bit of a melody on the piano.
Not bad for two hours.

I got it pretty damn good.

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