Jun. 26th, 2017

mrlich: Photo with great thanks to Joe del Tufo - http://www.deltufophotography.com (Default)
 So I'm sitting in a Starfucks. Had the day off because of heavy cloud cover (I wouldn't have been able to work at highway speeds). Looking out the big bay windows and I spot a biker standing in front of the grocery store across the parking lot. He's clearly bought his dinner at the grocery store and is eating it while hovering over his scooter.

It's a very solitary thing, and I can feel it in my bones.

He's watching others who come and go (they're all ignoring him completely).  It may seem cliche, but there's something about the scene that makes me think of a wolf standing over its kill. He's just going about his business. The rest of the world is irrelevant.

As much as I bitch about being lonely these days, I miss that particular kind of loneliness. Maybe it's just the motorcycle. It's probably just the motorcycle. But I always enjoyed that sensation when riding. This is the the pause to fuel me. I fueled the bike already, but before I head towards The Next Place, I need to eat.

I remember laughing at people on the inside. They're all drones. They won't be getting on a motorcycle in the next few minutes and riding. Poor bastards.

It may seem funny coming from me - doing what I do - but I miss that particular kind of freedom.

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