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I just did my expense report for last month. I generaly don't have many expenses, so I often don't do an expense report. I always had the mindset: "If I don't get paid back for the $0.50 I put in the meter, I'm not going to sweat it. I expensed my phone bill every couple of months (for both months) and that was that.

One of my coworkers started at the bank recently, and he's kinda a wiz at this stuff. So he pointed out that I should be charging the company for travel either to and from my house or to and from our office to the bank - whichever is more. He also nudged me about not getting reimbursed for the parking fees I had been acruing (though I had already planned for that).

Add in two months worth of phone bill, and... well... let's just say that the Netherlands just got a whole lot more comfortable. :)

It's funny, but I kinda think that these things are like calories in a diet. It's amazing the 'little stuff' that just sorta has a way of 'slipping by'.
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Just 'finished' getting ready for California. One of these days I'll learn to get ready in advance. Flight's at 6:30 Tomorrow:)
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I just thought that I should take a moment and make note that my boss called me into the office today. Now normally, this would make me nervous as hell, but we had already been discussing the idea that I should do the company's web site. I certainly can do a better job than what's currently at . So I wasn't all that worried. Then he had me close the doors to make the conversation private. Okay, so I admit - _now_ I was nervous.

Well, I have been with the company for about a month now (5 weeks?) and he wanted to talk about the 'leadership potential' he sees in me. What a good day.

Oh, and it was payday.

Oh, and I got my holiday bonus check.

Did I mention that today was a good day?

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