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I've been thinking that I'm too scattered. Too quick to jump from idea to idea and plan to plan.

So next I thought: How do I stabilize myself? Especially given how I live my life / my job, this seems like it might be a bit tricky.

The solution, I think, might be to keep a log. Something that is ongoing and focuses on several 'silos' or columns of important concepts in my life. That way I can work on keeping steady forward progress towards clear goals in each silo.

As an example, one might be:

Goal: Lose ten pounds.
Update: Yesterday I blah blah blahed and ate fairly healthy with the exception of... Also did 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Currently, I'm thinking the silos should be:
1. Fitness / Health
2. Art / Culture
3. Adventure
4. Social / Dating
5. Finance / Business / Work

Still working on what they should be though. I want general areas, so that they encompass more than just one element of my life, while still catching all major components. The idea is to make these posts simple conceptually so that if I want to keep it quick (while still keeping it structured) that's easy, but it also has the flexibility to be as complicated or 'deep' as I'm feeling that day (while still maintaining that structure).

So what do you think? What should my silos be?
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*Edit: I started this last night, and had to finish this morning.*

I had a minor epiphany in the shower tonight. I have this tendancy of thinking of a million one things that I wish I'd accomplished during the day. Tonight I thought: "Why not write them down before bed so you don't forget about them tomorrow until it's too late?"

For tonight, my thoughts turned to artwork. I have a ton of pokers in the proverbial fire - all of which seem stalled outside of my control (though I know that I could push some of them forward a bit).

Here's the abrieviated list:

1. Children's book - for the bank.
2. Children's book - with an old colleague.
3. Art for a flash based game for a popular social networking site (more when the details are hammered out).
4. More 1100 strips (I have a ton of ideas to add to the small collection there.)
5. Another comic idea that's still in the planning stages with another old colleague.

I really need to start pushing some of these forward - otherwise they're likely to all come to a head at the same time. Then everyone will be upset as I scramble to get everything done in less time than any one of them deserves. (Not to mention the burn out I would likely feel in a short span of time.)
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(ed. note: I tried posting this the other day, but there was some kind of glitch that made the poll function improperly, so if you've already seen this, I apologize...)

So I got to thinking about art and the sale of art the other day.  My thoughts turned to the fact that art seems to be a dying beast. Maybe not completely. I feel confident that there will always be a market for art in (at least) the entertainment industry. Concept art seems the most profitable (for artists) line of 'traditional' art out there, while funding for music is dropped from public school budgets every year.

Anyway - the thought occurred to me - "Who cares about art anymore other than those who produce it or those who stand to profit from its production?"

And so I turn to you, Dear Reader, to answer that question for me.

(And before anyone feels the need - yes, I do understand that you can care about art without spending money on it. However, that would likely put you in the category of 'one who produces art' or worse 'someone who cares- just not enough'. And while I wholeheartedly agree that there are a lot of other forms of art that I haven't covered here, I am specifically asking about these forms of fine art because they apply directly to me personally.)

Poll #xxxx Do You Spend Money On Art?
Open to: all, results viewable to: none

Do you spend money regularly on art? (Once a year or more.)


If so, what kind of art do you buy? (Check all that apply.)

2D - Originals
2D - Prints (limited editions)
2D - Posters (ie- not limited editions)
Other (Please explain in comments.)

Where do you buy your art? (Again - please check all that apply.)

Online through a distributor (ie an art reseller)
Online through individual websites (through the artist's site)
Locally - through a frame shop or other reseller.
Just sorta 'stumble on it' wherever you are.
Other (please explain in a comment)

How often would you say that you buy artwork?

Once a week or more.
Once a month or more.
Once a quarter of more.
Once a year or more.
Less frequently than once a year.

Is there something that you think is 'right up my alley' but that you haven't seen me offer?

Yes (please let me know in a comment!)
No - you pretty much have offered everything that I think you can do.

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You know something? I've always found it funny how deeply movies seem to affect me. Tonight, on the long ride home from Va., Jimmy let me watch movies on his laptop. Two, in fact. It had been a very long time (for me anyway) since I had just sat down and watch a movie. Or two.

The two in question for the evening? Well, the first, I had actually already seen, but knew to be fun - Hitch starring Will Smith and the ever stunning Eva Mendes. Corny? Yes. Hoaky even? Absolutely. But I enjoyed it immensely.

The second? Equally cheesy, and at least as 'bad' - but these are the things I love - Click starring Adam Sandler. It's basically a re-telling of It's a Wonderful Life, if you ask me, but it really kinda did move me. It caused me to start thinking about the changes that I've seen in myself since I moved to De. and to the direction of my life. Not in the catastrophic sense that the movie portends, but rather in a 'watch the pendulum doesn't swing too far there Capt. Extremist' way.

Yes, I realize that I wasn't really in any danger of becoming a 'workaholic' or anything like that. Perhaps it would be better to say that it was what I needed to re-focus on the plus side of my life and re-notice all the amazing gifts that I have been given. Every day.

If you are reading this? I want to thank you for being a part of that.

/end Cornball
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Just 'finished' getting ready for California. One of these days I'll learn to get ready in advance. Flight's at 6:30 Tomorrow:)
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Last night, my roomie and I were planning out our respective weekends in order to make sure we got as much as we could reasonably manage done. We've got a lot on our plates and making our schedules jive just really makes a lot of sense.

We were working on when we should call about bike, car, and hotel rentals and I said that it would probably be a good thing to do on Saturday morning because Sunday they would be closed and Friday night we might be free to do such things too late, and they would again be closed.

He then reminded me that we're renting in California - 3 hours time difference, so when we got free tonight, they would likely be open for at least another 3 hours.

This just kinda made me realize that my world has grown smaller over the last several years. The west coast doesn't seem that far away to me anymore. It was fun to see that - oh yeah, it is different. It is a little ways away.

That damn pendulum keeps on swinging.
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Heya kids.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I think that I am going to revert to a predominantly public journal again. For a long time I was doing almost exclusively private posts with the exclusion of art dumps and stuff that I specifically wanted out in the ether.

Why go back you ask? Well... today I was looking through old posts. As in - the first few posts I ever made in this journal. I really enjoyed the sense of just cracking open my ribcage and showing the world my guts. I stopped when I decided to embed this journal into the front page of my site in order to utilize it for 'news and updates'. I wanted to keep the length of that page to a minimum to keep it within the size constraints of an 800x600 viewable screen. I still wish to keep within the 800 parameter, but the 600 just seems a bit inefficient, so we're going back to not worrying about it.

Yes, I realize that I was posting pretty much exclusively for the every lovely [ profile] kar0na and her most excellent husband [ profile] metikulos at the time, but it's the concept that matters here. The concept that it was given freely and there for anyone to read if they chose to.

I will, of course, occasionally write a 'friends only' or 'private' post - but for the foreseeable future, it's back to being public for Yours Truly. If you would like to see what you've been missing and you have a livejournal account, feel free to friend me and let me know and I'll likely (though don't be offended if I decline) friend you back so that you can read the backdated stuff. (I won't be switching the friends only posts to public.)

Will the world really want to hear all of the rambling gunk that my friends have been subjected to as of late?

Probably not, but here it comes anyway. ;)
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I called off yesterday, but went into work today. I am not completely better, by any means, but I was getting stir-crazy enough that I decided to go in anyway.

I'll probably be out again tomorrow - they're calling for some really shitty weather, and we don't have a whole lot of work right now.

Did I mention that I hate being sick?

talking with my friend Jason about my future. you know something? it seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time talking with my friends and family about my future. I wish that there was some quicker way to get folks to stop worrying about me. I mean - I always have some new scheme or 'sure fire' money maker, but of course (as such things are want to do) they don't pan out.

And so, folks continue to worry about me. It sucks. I would like to (just for once) have folks just like the way I am, and see the world the way that I do. I don't think that I begrudge anyone or anything for my life, and it almost seems like that's what folks think that I am doing. It feels like people see me as saying "well, this didn't work out because of this guy, or that situation" - as though I am making excuses.

I don't really feel like that. I realize that I have had a lot of failures and not a whole lot of successes, but when I explain the reasons for the failures, I don't really feel like I am making excuses - I'm just EXPLAINING what happened.

I feel like I'm supposed to be living up to someone else's expectation of who and what I am. Which isn't really a problem, because I think that we all feel that in one sense or another. The problem comes from the fact that I seem to be falling dramatically short of that expectation - not with regards to a single individual, but with everyone I know.

It's as though they all see something in me that I don't see in myself. It's a strange feeling really. Imagine drowning without knowing that you're drowning. No, come to think of it - that's not really accurate. Better this: you're drowning, and you know you're drowning, but you're not scared, you're not panicked, you feel no pain or trauma, and you only stress when you see those you care about surrounding you and trying to keep you afloat.

Wow. Now I am depressed.

Does that happen to you? Do you talk yourself into depression? Seems to be a habit of mine. It's almost as though I should keep myself busy just so I don't have time to think.

Hmmm.. think that I will try to go and get some work done - maybe that will cheer me up a little.

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